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martedì 3 febbraio 2009 Hotels Click

prenotazione on line di hotels ed alberghi in tutto il mondo, Hotels Click è un sistema di prenotazione di hotel che fornisce la prenotazione online di un hotel ed il booking online. Il sistema permette di prenotare un hotel, sistemazione, alloggio in qualsiasi luogo del mondo, con conferma delle prenotazione immediata.

HotelsClick is an internet travel company dedicated to bringing our customers the lowest prices possible for hotel rooms across the world. With offices in Italy, France and Switzerland and a website in 5 different languages,
HotelsClick has gone from strength to strength in the two years since its launch. are a leading online travel company selling 60,000 hotels worldwide. Using XML technology we connect to 12 different international wholesalers to provide the best priced hotel product possible.
HotelsClick also have their own hotel contracts with 1000's of Hotels in Europe. 2006 was a record breaking year at successfully handling 146,000 hotel reservations with a complaint ratio of just 0.18%.

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